Gonna miss watching this homey slay in Hood this summer... Chase kills it! 



SPRINGODYSSEY from Vinz Wörle on Vimeo.

Young Vinz Worle checks in with a spring edit from Europe... so stoked he's rocking the Odysseys properly! 



Winter Windings // Trevor Akimoto from Trevor Akimoto on Vimeo.

Super hyped to see Trevor's season edit come out today. This kid is rad. No matter what, he's always hyped to ski. Needs to be more homey's like him just quietly getting after it on the daily! 



Carson Kerr / / Know The Flow : Surface Skis from Carson Kerr on Vimeo.

Know the Flow // Carson Kerr


Basics :   Currently 17 years old. Born in Pittsburgh, PA. I #ride7Springs Mountain Resort.

Instagram: @kerrensy


1) What is Vite-C?

Vite-C is my crew of close homies always ready to turn up and have fun. The group started with the “Taylor Gang” two twins Alex and David Taylor, and the “Chappy Bois” Jimmy Leslie and Dj Diethrich that took me under their wing my first year skiing, after I stopped snowboarding at the age of 14. Where I am now in skiing is all because of these older guys. Vite-C started to expand and we got homies worldwide. “Canada” Nik Lampard, Jack Stienman, “C-fries” Charlie Friend, “Hofe” Jake Hofer, and many more even including Nick Goepper. We all film and hang making sure to let everyone know we are there. The tightest group of friends. #vitectakeover


2) Do you make all your own edits?

Yes, I make all my own edits. Always making sure to pay homage to the #trap in my     videos. Go check them out and see.


3) Favorite Music? Genre? Artist?

My favorite music is anything Trap. Also Shouts to DO$E MONEY, and Juicy J for keepin' it turnt. My favorite artist is ASAP Ferg and MartyBaller. They hung with Vite-C in Pittsburgh and brought my buddy Larry on stage at their concert here to let him spit.


4) Best part of this past season?

The best part was most definitely WSI. That’s always the most fun, Whistler has the best Course, concerts, and people. Every time I go I progress and learn something new in that comp.


5) How and where do you get Gucci goggles? You sponsed?

The GUCCI is my signature attire. The #VeryRare goggles are right from the Gucci store. They stopped making cool normal frames in 2010 though. Hopefully someday they will notice me, sponsor me, and make better goggles. You never know?


6) Any big plans for the future?

Hopefully make skiing my job and stack up a lot bands #handsupbandzup. Find a loyal dime piece, no thot. And relax somewhere nice.



 Vite- C #toohealthy, My parents, Kerry Million$, Atay, Dave, Jimmy, Charlie, Graham, Hofer, Nik, Satkunas, Stienman Fam, Ty Urlich, Kyle DeLong, Fred, Scrappy Joe Young, Robin, Carson L, Trevor H, Swirly Evan, Eddie, Hack Attack, Chris “versace” 



Noah Curry // Know the Flow from Noah Curry on Vimeo.


Know the Flow // Noah Curry


Basics : I am 21 Years young, I was born and raised in Truckee, CA and grew up skiing Boreal Mtn. Resort


1)   What made you want to start skiing?

My Brother. I originally started out snowboarding and had a couple of sponsors in that sport when I was in middle school. I went to Nationals in USASA while snowboarding and I think I got like 16th in border cross or something. Then I got bored with snowboarding and saw my Brother having a blast on ski's so I figured I would give it a shot!


2)   Biggest inspirations for your skiing?

My Brother first and for most. Second would Probably be Jon Brogan, SWAG. However I always get hyped when I see someone with a unique style that I think is sick. Shout out Kevin Curran with dem hockey knees.


3)   What is Good Enough?

Good Enough is our crew.  “Our” being Jason Arens, Garrett Jurach and Myself originally. We then picked up Pete Arneson, Dash Kamp, Bret Donnelley, Khai Krepela, Cooper Davidson, Jon Susman, and met a bunch more people in Utah this winter that we filmed with. Basically we make video’s that are strictly for entertainment and are to be taken so non-literal that it’s hilarious.


4)   What’s the deal with NCMI? Any tracks dropping soon?

oh you mean Noah Curry Mixtape International? If you haven’t heard… now you’ve heard, swag. Back in High school some friends and I started recording hilarious rap’s that are as vulgar as we can make them, so obviously I am still in the booth like ALL THE TIME. You can expect a few new tracks in the upcoming months if you go and like my face book page “Noah Curry Mixtape International”


5)   You recently bought a motorcycle, how’s the Hog life treating ya?

Hog Lyfe is the best. I just rode from Truckee down to Chico, CA with Dash Kamp and my other bud Ryan and had a blast. I need to sell my bike soon though and buy a new one that I actually plan on keeping for a while.


6)   Any big plans for the future?

Work as much as possible, Make too much money, Ski next season, Get a shout out from Jon Brogan, that will mark my high point in skiing, Start my career in major feature films (Hollywood), move to the beach, become the next Kelly Sl8ter, Hook up with Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, and  Alex Morgan, then obviously settle down with one of them and be living lavish.



Shoutouts:    Jerry Arens, Carrot jurach, Jern Sersman, Dershwursher, schmete Arneson, Dem Boyz in Chico, Kevin Curran with da hockey knees, Dylan Curry, $WAG, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Alex Morgan, #imagetwithallthreeofthem, Sl8ter….DUECES!